Why host a screening of Passion to Teach?​

  • To inspire and recruit would-be teachers. 

    • In teacher education, the film can be used to:

      • Illustrate ways to promote self-directed learning-by-doing

      • Explore the role of the teacher, the idea of teaching as a true profession, and the concept of teacher leadership

      • Consider the historic role of public education in a democratic society and understand the effects of waves of education “reform” and privatization.

      • Operationalize theories of learning and philosophies of education

      • Envision ways to incorporate social-emotional learning and deeply relational teaching into any curriculum

      • Demonstrate effective practices of parent and community engagement

  • To encourage current teachers to teach from the heart despite the top-down reforms of politicians.

  • To spur established teachers to become teacher leaders in their schools, communities, and profession.

Amy Lake, the hero of Passion to Teach, teaches in northwestern Connecticut. Is her teaching relevant to urban schools? 


  • Yes. While PTT tells the story of one individual, its message is universal, namely, What underlies great teaching… anywhere and anytime? It is an understanding.

  • The Amy Lakes of teaching understand that their fundamental classroom challenge is not measurement. Not test scores, standards, or accountability metrics.

  • No, their primary challenge is motivation. Overcoming boredom, one-size-fits-all uniformity, and the disconnect between schooling and the real world.

  • Yvonne Divans-Hutchinson, a veteran urban teacher featured in PTT, has written: “I hunger for acknowledgment of the enormous challenge to urban educators.”

  • Yet Yvonne calls Amy “a kindred spirit” and adds: “I share Amy’s passion and her caring, active learning approach…. Amy would be a great teacher in an urban setting.”

  • We would love these demographics to change, but here is the reality: 8 of 10 teachers are white, and 8 of 10 of those are female. Amy reflects these numbers.

  • These numbers are where we are now, and so they are where we must begin in an effort to renew the teaching profession as a whole.

How do I host a screening of Passion to Teach?

  • To screen Passion to Teach in your school, community, or teacher education program, please contact Amy Grillo: agrillo@wesleyan.edu

  • We are happy to assist you with discussion guides for community and teacher professional development screenings, as well as suggestions for using the film in a variety of ways for pre-service teacher education.

  • Cost: $375 (plus $5 postage) covers a DVD and/or digital copy for your institution, plus public performance rights


What is the running time of the film?

  • 71 minutes plus end credits

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